Netherlands will call for tribunal for MH17 downing case

As reported by RTL Nieuws, the Netherlands will create a tribunal to investigate the Malaysian Boeing disaster in the summer of 2014, and Russia will not be involved in it.

It was reported that due to Russia’s blocking the UN proposal to establish an international tribunal to investigate the tragedy, the Dutch government will soon hold a meeting at which it will decide to establish a tribunal in the Netherlands.

Ukraine, Malaysia, Belgium and Australia will be invited to participate in the tribunal. The Netherlands officials noted that Russia’s refusal to participate in the tribunal will not affect the process, all the perpetrators of the tragedy will be convicted even in their absence.

Recently the international group of journalists Bellingcat unveiled a new photo, which confirms that the Buk anti-aircraft missile system that shot down the flight MH17 in the summer of 2014 in the sky over Ukraine belonged to a Russian brigade.