Coal miners in Gukovo declared indefinite hunger strike


Miners of the company Kingkoul in the city of Gukovo of the Rostov region announced an indefinite hunger strike, 18 people take part in the action.

They demand to pay off multi-million debts on wages. The protests of the miners began two days after the local authorities announced a 100% repayment of the debt.

As a representative of the protesters Valery Dyakonov told the Open Russia website, the amount of debt is about 400 million rubles ($6.6 million – RRT). Workers from Ukraine have not received a penny yet.

Some of the strikers plan to go to Moscow and call for a press conference there, Dyakonov said. In December 2016 the miners already tried to get to the capital in order to draw attention to their problems, but the police and the Cossacks did not let them leave Gukovo.

In the summer of 2016, when the salary debt for most miners reached more than 12 months, they began to hold single pickets near the building of the administration of the company Kingkoul. And at the end of August more than a hundred miners went on a hunger strike. In April, the court sentenced the company’s CEO Vladimir Pozhidaev to 5 years imprisonment for non-payment of wages to miners.