Moldova refused to accept Russian military aircraft with Russian Deputy Prime Minister on board


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova did not allow the Russian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to fly through the country’s airspace.

Rogozin planned to participate in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the peacekeeping operation in the Transnistria. On July 19th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova sent a letter with a rejection to the Russian Embassy in Moldova.

The letter says that the Moldovan competent authorities are forced to refuse permission to Russian military jets to fly through the airspace of Moldova and land at airports in Chisinau and Tiraspol.

The reason was the lack of the necessary conditions for this, in particular, the lack of control over the airport in Tiraspol (the capital of the self-proclaimed Transnistria – RRT). The Ministry clarifies that the Russian side has been repeatedly warned about this before.

In addition, the Ministry has expressed its regrets over the lack of an agreed plan for joint events, timed to the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Agreement on Principles for the Peaceful Settlement of the Armed Conflict in Transnistria.

Moldovan diplomats note that it is not expedient to conduct such events unilaterally.

Interfax reports that Rogozin still intends to fly to Moldova despite the ban.

“I did not get who forbade me what. I’ll definitely come in. We’ll meet both with the Moldovan president, and with the leadership of Transnistria,” Rogozin said.