Russian ombudsman spoke in favor of conscription of women in Russia


Tatyana Moskalkova, who is the human rights ombudsman in the Russian Federation, believes that women should have the right to serve in the army.

“I might not be supported by everyone, but I believe that girls are infringed in the right to serve as a soldier. They are not allowed, and that is wrong,” Moskalkova said on Wednesday at the forum The Territory of Meanings on the Klyazma.

She noted that nowadays the Russian army has become stronger and more presentable than even 10 years ago, but it still has problems, such as there is no indexation of salaries of servicemen, and salaries are declining.

“I believe that the widows of those who died in the line of duty are let down today. This is a huge area we can help in: orphans, widows, servicemen who retired,” the commissioner added.

Source: Interfax