Moldovan court banned referendum on expanding president’s powers


The Constitutional Court of Moldova nullified the decree of President Igor Dodon on holding a referendum in September this year to expand the powers of the head of state.

“The President of the Republic of Moldova has no authority to change the country’s constitution,” said the chairman of the Constitutional Court Tudor Panțîru.

Earlier, Dodon signed a decree on holding an advisory referendum in September this year. The citizens had to answer the following questions: do they agree with the reduction in the number of deputies of the parliament from 101 to 71, and with replacing the History of the Romanians with the History of Moldova in Moldovan schools.

A separate question for the referendum was the expansion of the powers of the head of state, and granting him the right to dismiss the parliament and appoint early parliamentary elections.

The initiators of the claim to the Constitutional Court against the presidential referendum were MPs from the Liberal Party.

Dodon, in turn, said that in case of a negative decision of the Constitutional Court he will sign a new decree on the referendum.

Earlier Dodon opposed the statement of the Moldovan parliament on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria. The head of state called such a statement of the parliament “yet another provocation.”