India will replace Russian engines on Su-30MKI with Indian made engines


India’s large fleet of Russian Su-30MKI fighters might face replacing of all jet engines: the famous AL-31FP are going to be replaced by Indian Kaveri engines.

The Indian Air Force has a fleet of more than 230 Su-30MKI fighters, which are deeply modernized versions of Su-27. The purchase of such an impressive number of fighters by Indians was, perhaps, the biggest success of Russia in the field of the export of modern weapons in recent decades. Russians do not mind taking part in the modernization of the fighters, but it seems that the Indians prefer to do it all by themselves. Well, at least without active participation of the Russian side, but with some help from France.

The Indians are planning to increase the thrust of its Kaveri engine to 125 kN: the Indian company GTRE and the French Safran are already working on this issue. Such an increase in thrust will allow the engine to be installed on Su-30MKI fighters without loss of combat qualities of the aircraft.

It wat noted that GTRE GTX-35VS Kaveri has been quite problematic since its very appearance. The project was even frozen in 2014, as the engine could not meet the requirements of the Indian Air Force.

But, in general, the trend is quite obvious: India is increasingly abandoning the services of the Russian military-industrial complex, reorienting either to Western partners, or to its own defense industry.