Powerlifting champion Andrey Drachev beaten to death in street fight


Russian champion, and World and Europe silver medalist in powerlifting Andrey Drachev died during a street fight in a cafe in Khabarovsk, Russia.

The fight took place on the morning of August 20th in the cafe Galereya. A man, whose name is unknown, started provoking Drachev, but he suggested to resolve the conflict on the ring.

Friends of the deceased said that Drachev was attacked not only by the person who provoked him, but by several others as well. At the same time, the recording from a surveillance camera only shows a fight between two people.

WARNING! The video contains scenes of brutality!

The report of the Investigative Committee also refers only to one attacker who fled the scene of the crime. His personality is established. A criminal case was opened under the article on causing serious harm to health, which led to the death of the victim.

Andrei Drachev was 31 years old. He performed in the category up to 120 kilograms. After the completion of his career in powerlifting Drachev started bodybuilding.

Source: meduza.io