Trump: Talking to North Korea is not the answer


The U.S. president Donald Trump doubted that talking to North Korea would help resolve the nuclear problem on the peninsula.

According to the U.S. Department of State website, Washington provided North Korea with food aid in times of famine in the country, and after natural disasters. In particular, in January this year, before Trump took the office, the USA sent humanitarian aid worth of $1 million to the DPRK.

On August 29th, Pyongyang performed another test launch of a medium-range ballistic missile. It flew over the territory of Japan and fell in the Pacific Ocean. The leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un said that Pyongyang’s future actions will depend on behavior of the USA, and statements of the American leadership.

Trump described the DPRK’s actions as destabilizing. According to him, the North Korean regime “despises his neighbors” and standards of conduct on the international scene. The U.S. president added that he is considering all options for measures against the DPRK.

After the recent launch, Kim Jong-un said that the launch was “a prelude to warn the island of Guam, where enemy’s military bases are located.”

Source: Rosbalt