Russian diplomats seek political asylum in USA after closing consulate in San Francisco


Some employees of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco are going to seek political asylum in the United States, and have already applied to the American Corporate Services law firm.

This was stated by he director of the firm Grigory Filkenson in his interview with Californian blogger Igor Ponochevny.

“I have good news for the employees of the former consulate in San Francisco: they can become political refugees. … Several people (who don’t want to return to Russia) have already come to us,” Finkelson said.

He noted that not all employees of the Russian diplomatic mission who want to stay in the U.S. will be granted asylum.

“You have to be qualified for political asylum. We can help you to put your story properly. Every case needs to be analyzed in details. We already received a few calls from consulate employees, and we have already started working with them,” the lawyer explained.

Another blogger Ivan Filippov confirmed the information, referring to his own sources among the lawyers.