Train with military equipment derailed and tipped over in Russia


As reported by Interfax citing a source familiar with the situation, 11 platforms with military equipment and 3 cars with personnel derailed and overturned. near Chita.

In total, there were 52 carriages in the military train. According to preliminary data, no people were injured.

Later, the press service of the railroad confirmed the accident on the railway.

According to their information, the derailment of the train took place at the Chita-2 station of the Trans-Baikal Railway.

It was noted that 14 carts came off the rails, 10 of them tipped over.

“There are no casualties, and no threat to the environment. The situation did not affect the movement of passenger trains,” the report said.

A recovery train from Chita-1 station was involved in eliminating the consequences of the accident.

The cause of the derailment is currently being investigated.