Clowns in St. Petersburg protest against horror movie ‘IT’


St. Petersburg clowns protest against showing the film ‘IT’ (in Russian: “ОНО” – RRT) in the theatres of the city.

On Thursday September 7 clowns stood for several hours near the building of the Legislative Assembly with placards “IT is not us” and “IT is not funny”. They said they were afraid that the release of the film might cause people to develop ‘clownophobia’.

“We hope that the deputies will be able to influence the film distributors so that they either completely abandoned the horror movie ‘IT’, or at least displayed it only in the evening,” said the director of Comik-Trust theatre Natalia Fisson.

She explained that in the movie the clowns are put up as killers.

During the action, the clowns tried not to violate the law: they stood alone, at a distance of 50 meters one from another, did not make any noise, and did not obstruct the passage. In the evening, clowns moved to theaters, where a new film is being released. There they distributed tickets to their performances in exchange for tickets to the horror movie.

The deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Maxim Reznik supported the action, and said that he would not go to the premiere of the film, and will also forbid his relatives to watch the film.