Putin agrees to UN peacekeepers in whole territory of Donbas


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he will amend his proposal for UN peacekeepers by taking into account comments on whether the peacekeepers should be placed in the entire territory of the occupied Donbas.

This was reported by the Kremlin’s press service after a telephone conversation between Putin and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

“Taking into account the views expressed by Angela Merkel, the Russian leader expressed his readiness to amend the functions of the said UN mission proposed in the Russian draft resolution of the Security Council,” the message says.

“It is implied that protection for the members of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine by UN peacekeeping personnel will be carried out not only near the contact line, but also in other places where the OSCE SMM conducts its inspection trips according to the Minsk protocol,” the Kremlin reported.

Source: ru.espreso.tv