Bomber Tu-22M3 crashed in Russia during war games West-2017


A long-range supersonic missile-carrying bomber Tu-22M3 crashed at the Shaikovka airbase. The bomber was involved in the Russian-Belarusian war games West-2017.

According to official information in the Russian military, one of the landing gear legs broke, and the plane rolled out of the runway.



As a result of the incident the hull of the aircraft was seriously damaged, and the aircraft is beyond recovery. The crew of the Tu-22M3 was not injured.


A video taken from another aircraft appeared on the internet, showing that the Tu-22M3 lies in the field a few hundred meters from the runway.

It is possible that the bomber failed to land successfully, which is why it flew off the runway.

Russia and Belarus have launched a joint military exercise West-2017, which will last until September 20th along the eastern flank of NATO.

According to Moscow, at least 13,000 people will take part in the exercises. However, Western experts believe that there will be about 100,000 people involved in it.