U.S. State Department: Sanctions won’t be lifted even if Russia complies with Minsk protocol


Holding the Crimea under Russian jurisdiction prevents lifting of international sanctions against Russia.

“Even if Russia complies with the Minsk protocol, and we see the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the Donbas, sanctions imposed because of [the annexation of] the Crimea will remain,” said U.S. Special Representative for the Ukrainian settlement Kurt Volker.

Earlier, The Independent also cited a similar position of Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko.

“Sanctions against Russia must be in force until full implementation of Minsk agreements [ceasefire deal] and restoring the sovereignty of Ukraine over Crimea and Donbas,” the State Department spokesman said.

According to him, Russia “has cynically stolen” these territories.

The document establishes cease-fire, removal of heavy weapons, holding of elections in the Donbas, and the legislative consolidation of the special status of the region. Later, Western countries repeatedly accused Russia of failing to comply with the Minsk agreements, stressing that sanctions can only be lifted from Moscow after implementing the agreement.

In turn, the Russian side insists that it is only one of the guarantors of the Minsk process, but not a party to the conflict.

Source: Rosbalt