Russian helicopter mistakenly strikes at journalists at West 2017 war games


A Ka-52 helicopter fired missiles at the crowd of spectators during the Russian-Belarussian military exercise ‘West-2017’. As a result of the incident, two people were hospitalized with severe wounds, and two vehicles burned.

“They flew to the target, there were 500 meters left. The weapons chains were switched on in accordance with the combat mission plan, there was some sort of a short circuit, and the missiles launched. The splinters cover a wade area, so at least two cars were burnt, two people were seriously injured, now they are in the hospital. It was training before some kind of show-off. Victims, most likely, were journalists,” the source said.

The incident occurred at the Luzhsky training ground near St. Petersburg. On September 18th Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the site. Most likely the incident occurred in the morning on this day, but the information was not disclosed.

Military investigators are investigating the case. According to preliminary data, a criminal case can be opened on violation of safety rules during the use of military means.

According to the media, three shells fell into the zone where military equipment was located, and the spontaneous parking of both military and civilian vehicles was formed.