Russian cannibal family killed and ate 30 people


A gang of cannibals, which might be involved in the killing of 30 people, was identified in the city of Krasnodar.

The spouses have been eating people since 1999. They confessed murdering of 30 victims. Seven episodes of cannibalism were proven.

According to the suspects, they were making preserved food of the bodies of their victims. In their house the police found 19 pieces of skin, which they removed from the dead, and 7 packages with frozen remains in the refrigerator. The detainees themselves identified as many as 30 people they killed. All remains will be subjected to further genetic examination.

All materials were transferred to the management of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Region. The department confirmed the beginning of the investigation.

One of the spouses was detained after the remains of a woman were found in the territory of the Krasnodar military school. A package and a bucket with body parts were discovered in a utility room, as well as a bag with personal belongings. A 35-year-old man worked in the school and lived in its dormitory.

The suspect was detained on September 18th after a phone with suspicious images was found on a street. They images were selfies of a man posing with body parts of a dismembered woman. At fist, the detainee did not plead guilty. He said that he accidentally found the remains of the body, made a few selfies with them, and then lost the phone.