310,000 people left without electricity in Yakutsk due to accident at power station


As reported by the Ministry of Energy of Russia on October 1st, about 310,000 people were left without electricity as a result of an accident at Yakutsk hydro power plant.

As it was clarified by the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 6,300 houses in Yakutsk and another 27,050 buildings in its suburbs were affected. According to preliminary data, in one of the premises of the power plant there was a “technological blast”, causing fire at the area of ​​70 square meters (approx. 750 square feet – RRT). Emergency protection was activated, which disconnected the power supply at the station. The combustion was localized.

One person was injured as the result of the incident, he was hospitalized with burns. The station undergoes emergency repair work. Backup power sources are being installed and launched.

Source: DW