Putin introduced sanctions against North Korea


Russia imposed sanctions that affect scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries, as well as banking and trade.

The decree was introduced in accordance with the decision of the UN Security Council, adopted in November 2016. The document came into force on the day of signing.

The decree of the President of Russia on sanctions against the DPRK, among other things:

  • limits scientific and technical cooperation with persons representing the DPRK;
  • permits cooperation in the field of nuclear science and technology, aerospace engineering and aviation technology, but only if this does not contribute to the DPRK’s nuclear and ballistic program;
  • deprives naval vessels, associated with the DPRK nuclear program, of state registration in Russia, and prohibits them from entering Russian ports, except in exceptional cases;
  • prohibits the DPRK to use any real estate in Russia, except for diplomatic and consular activities;
  • forbids North Korean diplomatic missions to have more than one bank account for each accredited diplomat;
  • forbids Russians and companies from Russia to buy copper, nickel, silver and zinc in the DPRK, and also to transport them on Russian ships;
  • demands to close all representations and branches of Russian banks, as well as bank accounts of Russian companies, in the DPRK.

Source: snob.ru