Replacement for Russian rocket engine RD-180 successfully tested in USA


American company Blue Origin conducted the first fire tests of the rocket engine BE-4. The testing of the unit, which is considered a replacement for the Russian RD-180, was successful.

The video of the test was posted on Twitter by the head of the company Jeff Bezos.

United Launch Alliance congratulated BlueOrigin with the success. ULA is the joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which manufactures carrier Atlas 5 that uses RD-180 for the first stage.

ВE-4 is planned to be installed on Vulcan rocket, which will replace Atlas 5. Two single-chamber BE-4 engines will be installed on the first stage of the Vulcan carrier, and will be more powerful than one two-chamber RD-180 of the first stage of Atlas 5. In contrast to the RD-180 operating on kerosene, BE-4 uses methane. BlueOrigin also plans to install the BE-4 on its own New Glenn missile.

The first assembled BE-4 was introduced in March 2017. The tests of its fuel system in May resulted in the explosion of the stand. Mass production of BE-4 takes place in the state of Alabama.

Source: Lenta.Ru