NASA astronauts told about depressurization of Soyuz spacecraft


Astronaut Thomas Stafford said that in the spring this year Soyuz spacecraft depressurized at the final stage of the descent, when three people were returning to Earth.

“The staple (of the parachute) hit the weld seam, and as the result a depressurization occurred: part of the air left the capsule,” Stafford said at a meeting of the Advisory Council of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA).

It was noted that the incident occurred at an altitude of 8 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Later, when the ship dropped to 5 kilometers, the valve opened and the pressure returned to normal.

According to Stafford, the incident did not pose a threat to the life of the crew, but questioned the reliability of Russian spacecraft.

The incident occurred in April this year during the descent of the Soyuz, but this became known only now.

Source: Interfax