Kaspersky Lab acknowledged downloading classified documents from NSA computers


The founder of the company Eugene Kaspersky acknowledged the fact of copying documents from computers of the U.S. National Security Agency.

According to Kaspersky, back in 2014 analysts told him that they obtained data about hacker group called Equation Group. It turned out that among the downloaded files there were secret documents from the NSA. Later, Kaspersky Lab claimed that the NSA used hackers for their own purposes.

The company allegedly received files as part of the standard procedure of downloading of infected filed from users’ computers. Kaspersky says that after the analysis the files were deleted immediately. He didn’t specify how his employees realized that the data was classified.

At the same time, Kaspersky refused to answer the question whether Kaspersky Lab had notified the U.S. National Security Agency about the receiving of secret documents.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia had stolen classified data from the U.S. National Security Agency with the help of Kaspersky Lab.

The U.S. Senate banned government institutions from using Kaspersky products.

Kaspersky Lab denied espionage after the United States.

Israel helped the United States expose Russian hackers from Kaspersky Lab.

Source: ru.espreso.tv