India called Russian military technologies ‘backward’


In this regard, India may refuse to cooperate with Russia in creating a 5th generation jet fighter.

The new aircraft that is based on Russian Su-57 does not have enough stealthiness, and does not have a modular engine concept, which leads to higher maintenance costs of the fighter. This was stated in the report of the command of the Indian Air Force.

The report says that such a product would not be able to compete with the American F-35, so it was suggested that the Indian authorities should withdraw from Russian-Indian joint program FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft).

This is not the first criticism of the program from the Indian side: three years ago Delhi remained dissatisfied with turbojet engines, an onboard radar station, the level of low-visibility, and the proposed systems of arms suspension. The FGFA program started 10 years ago, when the two countries agreed on the creation of a 5th generation fighter. At the first stage, the design of the aircraft was developed, but the project did not advance much further since then because of the many disagreements between the partners.

The budget of the program was estimated at $10 billion.