The Washington Times: Russia is main source of terrorists for ISIS


As reported by The Washington Times referring to the report of the Soufan group, Russia is the No. 1 source of militants for the Islamic State.

According to the organization, about 3,400 Russians left the country to join the terrorists organisation.

In addition to that, 3,200 citizens of Saudi Arabia, 3,000 Jordanians, and 3,000 Tunisians joined the militants in Syria and Iraq. France was also mentioned as among the main sources of foreign militants for the ISIS.

The report notes that more than 5,500 terrorists who fought in Syria and Iraq returned to their home countries. Such a situation is a “huge challenge for intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies” all around the world.

In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that in Syria alone there are about 4,000 people from Russia fight on the side of terrorists.