Trump slams Russia for hindering U.S. efforts on settling North Korean crisis


President of the United States Donald Trump accused the Russian Federation of obstructing the measures against the expansion of the North Korean nuclear arsenal.

“China is helping us, and Russia is probably heading in a different direction, harming what we have achieved,” Trump said on Fox News on Thursday, October 26th.

He stressed that the bad relations between Moscow and Washington make it difficult to resolve the North Korean conflict.

“I think that our relations with Russia could be better, and the situation around the DPRK could be settled more easily,” Trump added.

The US president also said on Twitter that he had a conversation with the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, and the North Korea was one of the topics. Previously, Trump pressured Beijing to limit the development of the North Korean nuclear program. China remains the only major ally of the DPRK, including trade and economic.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on October 22nd expressed his readiness to go to North Korea with a peacekeeping mission. Although, he acknowledged that this initiative did not find any response in the administration of Donald Trump.

Source: DW