Russia vetoes UN Security Council resolution on further investigation of chemical attacks in Syria


On Tuesday October 24th Russia vetoed a resolution on the resumption of the mandate of the special mission on this issue (Joint Investigative Mechanism). 11 members of the council voted for. China abstained.

Earlier, Russia proposed to postpone till November 7th the consideration of the document prepared by the USA, but the proposal was not accepted. International experts presented the latest report on the investigation of chemical attacks in Syria on October 26th.

The mandate of the Joint Investigative Mechanism, created by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 2015, expires on November 17th. The mandate of the mission was extended once in 2016.

The regime of Bashar Assad rejects the UN accusations of repeated use of chemical weapons during the Syrian conflict, in particular, with the air strike on Khan Shaikhun (Idlib province) in April this year, when more than 80 civilians died from poisoning with sarin.

According to experts, chemical weapons were used in Syria more than 30 times over the last 6 years.