Facebook, Twitter and Google told about the scale of Russian interference in U.S. elections


According to the published data, there were about 1.4 million tweets and 80,000 posts, as well as 18 YouTube channels.

Twitter reported about more than 36,000 accounts that are allegedly connected with Russian special services, and about 1.4 million tweets about the elections in 2016, which received about 288 million responses.

Facebook, in turn, counted about 80,000 posts for the period from January 2015 to August 2017, which were seen by about 29 million people.

The New York Times claims that the audience of publications distributed in the interests of Russia reached 126 million people.

Also, according to the newspaper, Facebook discovered and removed more than 170 accounts in Instagram, where about 120,000 posts related to Russia were published.

As for Google, its experts found 18 YouTube channels probably related to Russia, on which more than 1,100 videos were published between 2015 and summer 2017.

Source: topspb.tv