Foreign Minister of Finland caught Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on lies


The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, Timo Soini, denied the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Finland invited Russia to cooperate within the framework of the Helsinki Center for Combating Hybrid Threats.

Lavrov made his statement on November 1st.

“I recently met with Foreign Minister of Finland, Soini, and asked what this center is going to be be engaged in. He said that most likely it will be dealing with all kind of hybrid threats, and they would be glad if Russia cooperated with this center,” the Russian Foreign Minister said.

However, according to Soini, it was Lavrov who expressed Moscow’s interest in cooperation with the center, to which the Finnish diplomat did not react.

“I did not comment on this in any way,” Soini said, adding that only member countries of the EU and NATO can participate in the work of the center.