Afghanistan replaces Russian helicopters with American Black Hawks


As it was stated by Acting Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, Tariq Shah Bahrami, his country no longer needs Russian-made helicopters.

“Currently we get helicopters produced by NATO countries, we no longer need Russian helicopters,” he said.

According to Bahrami, Afghanistan still needs to maintain the Russian machines that are currently in operation, since the transition to NATO technology has not been completed yet. Currently, these services are provided by the Eastern European member countries of NATO, which continue to use Soviet-made helicopters.

According to open data, the National Air Corps of Afghanistan has 11 strike helicopters Mi-35 (the export version of the Mi-24V, which is the most popular version of this type), and 82 multipurpose Mi-17s, 30 of which were supplied by Russia under a contract with the United States. In the future, it is planned to transition the Afghan military to American Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks.

Russia can not maintain machines supplied to Afghanistan because of the sanctions imposed by the United States after the annexation of the Crimea and the beginning of the armed conflict in the Donbas. In addition, military cooperation with Moscow is prohibited in the U.S. at the legislative level.

Source: Lenta.Ru