Netherlands offer asylum to Russian military involved in, or witnessed downing of MH17 in exchange to their testimony


Chief Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke, who is the head of the joint investigation team (JIT) that is looking into the MH17 downing, made a sensational statement about the intention to grant asylum to persons who participated in, or witnessed the tragedy in July 2014.

About this on his Facebook page wrote the chief editor of Censor.NET Yuri Butusov, commenting on Westerbeke’s interview.

“The Dutch prosecutor’s office offers asylum to the Russian military, who participated in, or witnesses the downing of the flight MH17 over Snizhne, in exchange for their testimony in court. In spite of the density of information flows, one should focus on the sensational statement made on October 16th by Fred Westerbeke, the chief prosecutor the prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands, and the head of the team that investigates the crash of the Boeing MH17 on July 17th,” the journalist said.

Westerbeke pointed out that the BUK came from Russia.

“We have no doubt about our conclusions based on absolute impartiality. Imagine a situation when you have witnesses who saw the moment of the crime: one person shoots at another. You also have video recordings and photographs of how the offender bought weapons. And he also discussed all this over the telephone. You already have all the evidence. So, what is the point of looking for, and investigating other weapons all over the city, and even wondering ‘where is the radar data?’

We can offer different options not only to ‘Khmury’ (the call sign of the mercenary commander, Colonel Sergei Dubinsky, who participated in the protection of the Russian BUK), but also to other Russian citizens, who are ready to cooperate with us. If we are talking about the status of a witness, then we are ready to provide guarantees of protection and security anywhere in the world, and find asylum for them anywhere in the world,” Westerbeke said.

In February 2017, experts of Bellingcat found out that Dubinsky controlled the transportation of the BUK air defense system to the Donbas. After Bellingcat’s publication, Dubinsky gave an interview to BBC Russian, confirming that it is him who is known as ‘Khmury’, although he continued to claim that the Boeing was shot down by the Ukrainian BUK.

Based on recordings of Dubinsky’s intercepted telephone conversations, it became clear that he helped coordinate the transfer of BUK from Russia, and its use. One day he referred to the BUK as “mine”, which again indicates his leading role in its obtaining and transporting from Russia.