FSB will introduce identification for all Russian online gamers


The Security Council of Russia instructed the FSB and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media to take measures that will allow to identify all users of online games and social networks by their mobile phone numbers.

It is suggested to extend the requirements, that will come into force on January 1st for social networks and instant messengers, and apply them to online games too. The games will be required to identify users by phone number, and provide such information at the request of law enforcement agencies.

According to the ‘Yarovaya’s law’, starting from July 1st, 2018, all of the ‘information distributors’ will be required to store information about users’ communication for up to a year, and the contents of their correspondence for up to 6 months.

Chief analyst of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, Karen Kazaryan, said that extending of these requirements to online games are ‘weird’.

“Apparently, the myth of terrorists, communicating through multiplayer online games, still lives,” Kazarian said.

Source: snob.ru