Tank “Armata” died out during the final trial run of Victory Day Parade


Russia’s new generation tank “Armata” has died out during the trial run of Victory Day Parade taken place at May 7 at the Red Square in Moscow. The machine stood there for the entire run.

The tank stopped right in front of Vladimir Lenin’s Mausoleum. Thereafter, “Armata” was approached by a towing machine but the tank was failed to be towed. As the result, it stood at the square for the whole time of the trial run.

Reporter of RBC also said that at the end of the rehearsal the stop was called as “planned”. He explained that evacuation of military equipment has been demonstrated this way.

After the removal of security cordons from the Red Square the audience started taking pictures of the tank. Later, it was able to leave the area without any help.

Source: http://top.rbc.ru/society/07/05/2015/554b27d39a794786f2a65f11