A toddler was treated for encephalitis in a church for a week


In Altai Republic (region of Russia – RRT) a toddler bitten by an infected tick almost died because of parents’ ignorance, said a regional division of Rospotrebnadzor (Russia’s customers’ rights enforcement service).

The incident has happened in Turochaksky area. A toddler of 21 months of age was bitten by a tick. Instead of bringing him to a doctor the parents went to a church. The “spiritual treatment” was going on for a week.

After a kid got into a critical condition and his body temperature has raised to 40 degrees Celsius the parents brought him into a clinic. Doctors send him to a republica’s child hospital where he was assessed, diagnosed with tick-borne encefalitis, and started to be treated.

Currently the toddler’s life is not in danger.

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