The mayor of Krasnodar was dissatisfied with city services failed to save the city from flooding


The capital of Kuban region suffers hard from the consequences of bad weather. Heavy rains continued for almost the whole weekend, and a huge amount of water was poured on the city the night from 30 to 31 of May. As a result there was a flood in Krasnodar, where almost 74 streets were flooded.

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There were 10 machines sent for pumping the water, but they were unable to cope with the workload. The worst situation was on Stavropolskaya and Vishnyakova streets. Here the roadway and tramway were flooded, and the transport stood near the railway bridge for several hours. Water got into many underground passages and generally created a lot of problems in the city. The city Mayor Vladimir Evlanov gathered an emergency meeting, where he gave hell to everyone. Evlanov has expressed his dissatisfaction with all the city services. The mayor ordered to fully pump out water from the streets by the end of May 31.

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