“Russia should not comply with the International Criminal Court” – the head of Constitutional Court of Russia


Russia should not comply with the International Criminal Court. This contradicts to the Constitution, threatens the president, diplomats and judges – this idea was expressed at May 28 by the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Russia Valery Zorkin. He spoke at the International Legal Forum in St.Petersburg with the report “The right of force and the power of right”.

The International Criminal Court was established in late 1998 in The Hague. This structure investigates genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In particular, it has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The ICC has also conducted an investigation on the situation in Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Libya.

Russia has already signed an agreement to joining the court, but it was not ratified yet. According to Valery Zorkin, there is no need for that.

“In the practice of the International Criminal Court there is a tendency to not directly but implicitly derive from the legal position of the Nuremberg Tribunal. But what happened back then is not happening now. While defending a single tear of a child we should not plunge the world into a terrible catastrophe”, said the head of the CCR.

From the chairman’s point of view, an agreement on the ICC contradicts to the 61 article of the Russian Constitution, which prohibits extradition of Russian citizens to other countries. Moreover, after the ratification of the document not only common citizens are subject to extradition, but also people granted with constitutional immunity.

“I’m not even talking about the immunity of diplomats, the president, deputies, judges!” – Zorkin said.

In general, the whole speech was about the balance of force and right. Valery Zorkin explained why Russia should value its own traditions and not follow all of international agreements.

Source: http://www.fontanka.ru/2015/05/28/099/