Russia’s patrolling ships “Gepard” (“Cheetah”) for Vietnam are delayed because of Ukraine


Vietnamese Navy ordered 2 ships with anti-submarine equipment 2.5 years ago but construction was delayed because of Ukraine’s supply of engines. The ships are planned to be supplied in years 2017 and 2018, said deputy director of Zelenodolsky factory Alexander Karpov.

“We’re going to finish these ships by years 2017 and 2018, the delay is nearly a year for each of the ships.” – said Karpov. According to him, Vietnamese Navy ordered two ships “Gepard” (“Cheetah”) nearly 2.5 years ago. “We were on track with this contract until Ukraine denied to supply gas turbine engines. That’s why the contract was extended with both sides’ approval. We tried to find a solution and we’ve found it: engines will be supplied in september.”

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According to the CEO of Zelenodolsky factory Renat Mistakhov, Vietnam confirmed its intention to order two more patrolling ships “Gepard”.