Large-scale destroying of banned food has started in Russia (photo)


Destruction of banned food products imported into the country illegally has begun in Russia today, July 6. A batch of 10 tons of cheese was destroyed in Belgorod: it was crushed by a road roller.

A law regulating destruction of banned food products imported illegally into the country has come into effect in Russia. A spokesman of Rosselkhoznadzor (Russian Agriculture Control organization – RRT) Yulia Melano said that 10 tons of cheese to be destroyed in Belgorod.

“The destruction of banned food has begun in Belgorod. According to updated data, the batch of products to be destroyed is 10 tonnes, not of 7 tons as previously reported “, – said Melano. According to the spokesperson, the cheese came from Ukraine, but its origin is unknown. She said that the food products will be crushed with road roller first, and then moved into a specially dug pit.


Assistant of the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor Alexey Alekseenko previously promised that banned products will be destroyed on a daily basis. “It will be Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Bryansk, Smolensk, Pskov, Rostov region, Orenburg region, Saratov, Altai. Wherever smuggling is,” – he said. He also announced the elimination of “several hundred tons” of products on the first day of the law came into effect, August 6.



Images: press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor of Belgorod area