Moscow river is on fire: pipeline is damaged (video)


The cause of the fire on Moscow River was the underwater oil pipeline rupture. It was announced by Acting Head of Rosprirodnadzor Amirhan Amirhanov.

“The team of Rosprirodnadzor is headed to the scene. An administrative investigation was started. It was found out that an underwater oil pipeline rupture has taken place,” – quoted him the “Interfax” agency.

A spokesman of “Transneft” Igor Demin said that the integrity of the underwater pipelines is preserved. “In this area there is a 3-thread pipeline for transporting jet fuel, gasoline and diesel. None of the pipes is depressurised,” – he stressed.

3 people were injured during a fire, including one child. All of them are residents of the area Maryino. They had burns of varying severity.

The fire was a local accident, and there will be no effect on the ecology of the entire city. This was stated by the Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS Alexander Ginzburg.

“Just as if you open a bottle of nail polish, and I will pass along – I will be unpleasant smell, but it won’t affect the environment,” – he explained.