Russia will supply military equipment and weapons to the army of Fiji


RIA Novosti proudly announced that as a result of negotiations of prime ministers of Russia and Fiji they have signed a contract to supply naval equipment, as well as weapons and machines for the army of Fiji. However, Medvedev said “it is hard to estimate the possible volume of supplies”. We will help him.

It’s too bad Dmitry Medvedev didn’t do his homework and look (even briefly) into some information about military forces of the Republic of Fiji.

The armed forces of the Republic of Fiji have 3,500 regular troops and 6,000 in reserve. This is one of the smallest armies in the world.

The Navy contains 300 people. The fleet consists of:

  • 3 Pacific class patrol boats (displacement 162 tons, crew 17 man)
  • 2 patrol boats (displacement 97 tons, crew 11 man)
  • 4 Dabur class patrol boats (displacement 39 tons, crew 9 man)

Total 9 patrol boats with displacement 836 tons combined.

Displacement of a Ticonderoga-class missile cruiser (22 of which are in service in the US Navy) is 9800 tonnes. Displacement of a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer (62 of which are in service in the US Navy) is ranging between 6,600 to 9,600 tons.

Now you can imagine “the possible volume of supplies” which Medvedev has found hard to estimate.


Photo: «Dabur881» by Natan Flayer