A lecture and a round table about “divine nature” of Vladimir Putin will take place in Moscow

putin (1)

Do you think the title says enough, and the rest of the details is unnecessary? Think again and check the list of topics to be discussed during the round table.

As reports the web site OpenTown.org, the following questions will be discussed during the lecture:

  • Is Vladimir Putin’s will to be connected with the will of God, and reach firmness in the good?
  • Will the national leader of Russia endlessly discover infinitely perfect God, penetrating into the depths of the Godhead?
  • Is Vladimir Putin the god of nature, or he can only be named by grace?
  • Can we worship Vladimir Putin as a god on earth?

This is not the full list of questions to be raised and discussed.

Organizer of the event is an “Orthodox activists” Dmitry Enteo.

Source: http://izdurdoma.net/2015/09/01/в-москве-пройдёт-лекция-и-круглый-стол/


Image: newsland.com