Bulgaria refused to provide air corridor for Russian “humanitarian aid” to Syria

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Bulgaria has refused to open an air corridor for Russia’s planes with humanitarian aid to Syria. The information that was previously spread by Greek media was confirmed by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

“The notification was sent in response to the request from the Russian side this weekend,” – told the official representative of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Betina Zhoteva to TASS.

“We have not given permission to fly Russian military transport aircraft across the territory of Bulgaria. Based on the information we received, there are reasonable doubts that the nature of the transported goods is not as declared. The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken this decision on their own,” – added Zhoteva.

“As a result, two Russian aircrafts with humanitarian aid to Syria will fly through Iranian airspace, rather than use the route through the Balkans and Greece,” – reported earlier the Greek newspaper Kathimerini. – “This path is chosen because of the fact that Bulgaria has refused to the request of Russian authorities to use it for the passage of the sky. It’s made life easier for Athens, which received a similar request from Russian Federation.”

“Russia’s request provoked a reaction from the United States, which through its embassy in Athens on Saturday asked Greek authorities to not give permission to fly Russian aircrafts,” – adds the media. According to them, Bulgaria’s refusal has “saved” Greece from examining the same request from Russia, and took the responsibility away from them.

Source: http://tass.ru/mezhdunarodnaya-panorama/2244277


Image: Alan Wilson