A factory near Tula paid its workers with bricks


“The Soviet Factory of building materials” Ltd located in Shchekinsky district of Tula region has paid employees with bricks it produces because the company’s bank accounts were arrested.

“Today we have paid about 900 thousand rubles (approx. $13,000 – RRT) of salary debt with bricks. We have no other option. Accounts are arrested”, – said the General Director of the plant.

He said that salary debt has been built up because there were no payments for the brick produced since the beginning of the year. Also, because of this fact the factory has not paid its debt to the company “Stroiservis plus” which has acquired the factory in 2001.

The debt amount is 47 million rubles (approx. $700,000 – RRT). A bankruptcy case will be processed by the Arbitration Court at November 26, 2015.

Source: http://tvrain.ru/news/tula_kirpich-394147/