Russian soldiers who refused to go to Syria are threatened with a criminal case


Four Russian soldiers who told “” about a compulsion to go to war in Syria are facing criminal prosecution. This was told by the lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

“Instead of protecting their rights, military special department and the FSB have joined to the case” – said Pavlov. – “Checks, interrogations and threats to soldiers have been started, up to criminal prosecution. Articles (of Criminal Code – RRTare not named, but as far as we can see, they are facing charges up to treason.”

A member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights Sergey Krivenko also confirmed that the case was transferred to the FSB. According to him, the request from the HRC to the Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov with a request to prevent the violation of the rights of servicemen has already been sent.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense denies to acknowledge that soldiers are sent to Syria by force. The press service of the Ministry claims that Russian soldiers are not being sent to Syria.

On Friday published a material – a conversation with four contract servicemen of the Russian army, who told the media that the command is trying to send them to fight in Syrian Latakia. At the same time they say that formal written orders were not given.