Harvard’s endowment is bigger than Russian federal education budget


Harvard budget exceeds Russian Federation education budget, says the media “Russian Jewis”.

In 2011, Harvard University endowment totaled $32 billion, while in Russia all federal education spendings were $18.45 billion at the old exchange rate ($ 1 = 30 rubles). In 2014, the federal budget on education amounted to only $12.76 billion (at the rate of $ 1 = 50 rubles), while endowment of Harvard University has grown to $36.4 billion.

Moreover, even the consolidated budget allocated for education in Russia in 2014 was less than the combined endowments of Harvard and the University of Texas ($60.7 billion and $61.3 billion respectively).

Taking into account the devaluation of the ruble spending on education in Russia this year compared with the leading American universities has become even smaller.

Source: http://ystav.com/za-zhizn-lehaim-byudzhet-garvarda-prevyshaet-federalnyj-byudzhet-rf-na-obrazovanie/


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