Russia can not launch the second wireless provider in Crimea due to sanctions


The launch of the second wireless provider in Crimea is postponed once again. The reason – anti-Russian sanctions by the manufacturer of the equipment – Ericsson.

“Krymtelecom” was meant to be the second provider of Crimea. To launch “Krymtelekom” it was required to setup a System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM). The core of “Krymtelekom” network was built using equipment made by Ericsson, so the provider approached the only certified manufacturer of SORM equipment for Ericsson switches, the company “Malvin Systems.” However, “Malvin Systems” told “Krymtelekom” that they could not provide Ericsson equipment due to sanctions.

As a result, “Krymtelekom” addressed to the Centre of scientific and technical support in of SORM, which promised to help the operator, however, they could help in solving the problem.

Currently in Crimea there is only one wireless provider: Russian mobile operator “K-Telecom” that received frequencies previously owned by “MTS Ukraine”. Major Russian mobile operators are not urging to come to Crimea because of the sanctions.