Ukrainian prosecutors demand life sentence for Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine


Main Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine will insist on a life sentence for the Russians Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov accused of organizing the war against Ukraine and supporting a terrorist organization.

This was stated by Yerofeyev’s lawer Oksana Sokolovskaya. Earlier, the prosecutor’s office have said that they will ask the most severe punishment for the Russians, but details were not dislosed. According to Sokolovskaya, the question of the jurisdiction of her client’s case is now discussed in Kiev.

“This case should be considered in a court by the place of the offense, that is in the Luhansk region,” – she said. According to Sokolovskaya, “prosecutors delay the timing of the proceedings.”

More on the topic:

  • Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeni Yerofeyev were detained in the Luhansk region in May 2015. Kiev insists that they are acting soldiers of the Russian army, and they were on a combat mission in Ukraine. This is also what the detained soldiers told the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta”. Russian Defense Ministry claims that at the time of detention they were no longer in military service.
  • August 26 it became known that the Chief Military Prosecutor has completed the investigation of the case against Alexandrov and Yerofeyev.
  • September 25 the court of Dzerzhinsky district of Donetsk region has sentenced a Russian citizen Vladimir Starkov to 14 years in prison for taking part in the war against Ukraine. According to the investigation, Starkov, who was arrested in July in Ukraine, was on a mission of the General Staff of Russian Federation. Later, the Security Service of Ukraine has published a video where Starkov acknowledges to be an acting military staff of Russia. The was no reaction from Russian authorities on Starkov’s detention.



Image: Dmitry Ruzov