Russia confirmed beginning of air strikes in Syria


Russian air force made the first airstrike in Syria. According to the source channel CNN, the strike was performed near the city of Homs.

The city is under the control of government troops, but opposition military forces act in the area, as well as militants of the “Islamic State” (an organization banned in Russia as a terrorist). According to Reuters, it seems that the blows were inflicted not on positions of militants.

Reuters’ source said that information about Russian air strikes is preliminary. He declined to say what kind of planes were involved in the operation. NYT citing a source reported that Russia has warned the United States of the strikes they were about to perform.

  • In the morning of September 30 the Federation Council has allowed President Vladimir Putin to use Russian troops abroad. According to the Kremlin, Russia is acting at the request of the Syrian President Bashar Assad, and the main goal of the Russian Federation is to fight against terrorism.
  • Since (at least) September Russia enlarging its military presence in Syria. According to the NYT, 32 Russian aircrafts were sent to the base near the port of Latakia, together with artillery and air defense. There’s also a temporary shelter set up which can accommodate thousands of people.
  • September 28, Vladimir Putin at the UN called for a coalition to fight against “Islamic state.” He stressed that the already existing US-led coalition, which performs air strikes on ISIS, acts illegally. According to the TV channel Fox, Russia demanded that the US stop flights over Syria.