Assad accepted the possibility of his resignation

Syrian President Bashar Assad said he is ready to resign from the post of the president of Syria if that helps in resolving the Syrian crisis. He stated this in an interview with Iranian TV channel Khabar TV.

“If my resignation is the resolution [of the crisis], I will do it without any doubt,” – said Assad.

Syrian President said that “only people are to decide” who should be president. He reminded that at the last elections in the past year residents have supported his candidacy.

“Everyone who believes [that my resignation will help to resolve the crisis], should participate in the elections and try to prove their point. We have no objection to that,”- said Assad.

According to the president of Syria, “any decision of the Syrian people regarding the future of the country will be binding” to the authorities of the country and for himself. “Syrian authorities support any political measures in the country in parallel with the fight against the terrorists,” – said the head of the state.

Assad pointed out that the solid base for any actions in Syria is the elimination of terrorism. “For any political solution stability in the country is needed”, – he explained. According to the Syrian leader, the official Damascus is ready for political dialogue with the opposition, but the rebels have no influence on the terrorists.“Dialogue with the opposition may be useful for the future of Syria, but not to solve the problem of fighting terrorism”, – concluded Assad.

Western countries led by the US have repeatedly called Assad’s resignation a prerequisite for resolving the situation in the country. However, in late September, the head of the Department of State John Kerry said that Washington changed their position on the issue. According to him, US authorities believe the best solution is not an immediate resignation, but the gradual withdrawal of the Syrian president. Kerry acknowledged that at the current moment Assad’s resignation could only worsen the situation in Syria.



Image: Freedom House