Lukashenko refused to place a Russian air base in Belarus


The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did not know anything about the construction of a Russian military base on the territory of the country, reports news agency Belta.

Lukashenko said that Belarus only needs certain types of weapons, but he knows nothing about any plans to build an air base in the country.

“I’ve been watching lately the cries of our opposition on the deployment of Russian air base on the territory of Belarus. I do not know about that. The person who has to make that decision – myself – know nothing about it,”- said the president.

He emphasized that Belarus has an alliance with Russia in matters of defense, but there weren’t any talks about construction of a military base. According to the President, Belarus has good people in its army, and does not need the presence of foreign troops in the country.

Lukashenko also suggested that the information about the construction of a military base was intentionally launched by Russian media to sow a discord in the relationship between Belarus and the West.

“It just surprises me, and even to some extent disturbs and hurts, why the Russians threw it in the media? Perhaps they are worried that we are really “going West”, so they throw this topic in for the West to start asking questions, or to doubt that we want them to normalize relations? “- asked the head of the state.

September 19 Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the establishment of a Russian air base in Belarus, which should help in organizing of joint border security and strengthen the Russian military presence in the region. After that, a mass protest took place in Minsk at Octobrer 4.