Nearly 80 thousand Russian tourists were left in Egypt


At the moment there are nearly 80,000 Russian tourists in Egypt. It was reported by he head of Rostourism Agency Oleg Safonov to journalists in Moscow on Saturday, November 7.

“In Egypt, there are 80 thousand Russian citizens – as of Friday. About 79 thousand people are resting in Egypt, mainly in the resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh,” – he said.

Safronov also said that new visitors will not be able to visit Egypt. Aircrafts of Russian airlines will fly there empty and “pick up those who had to come back at corresponding dates”. He also noted that Russian tourists will return home with only hand luggage, while the rest of the luggage will be delivered to Russia by cargo transport aircrafts.

As Safonov explained, at the moment 1,200 Russian tourists were already departed from Egypt.