Riot police acts against truck drivers’ protest in Rostov region


In Rostov region riot police together with traffic police is trying to stop the strike of truck drivers. Law enforcements demand to stop the protest near the Lenin hamlet, stating that the drivers gathered illegally, according

On Wednesday multiple protests against a new toll were taking place across the country.

According to the regional strike coordinator Viktor Bogdanenko, first drivers stopped on the highway M4 “Don”, but then moved to the roadside. Later, law enforcement officials arrived.

“Officials do not name themselves, or even disclose their ranks, but try to threaten us for our allegedly illegal strike. We tell them that we gathered together only to drink some tea and discuss our problems,” – said Bogdanenko.

He added that the gathering brought together about 50 representatives of transport companies having more than 15 pieces of equipment, car and truck drivers.

Source: Rosbalt